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Clinic TM offers you massage therapy in Longueuil. We have several different types of massage therapy which have many benefits for your health

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How massage therapy can help you

Muscular disorders and other conditions

The positive effects of massage therapy on different muscle conditions is widely known. Massage, as a stand-alone treatment, reduces pain and helps to improve muscle function (Bervoets DC et al, 2015). Massage is very effective with different conditions such as muscle cramps, tensions and contractures.

The immune system

Usually people think that massage therapy is good for musculoskeletal problems and relaxation only: this is not true. Massage confers many benefits and also has a positive influence on the immune system.

Dr Rapaport MH with coauthors (2010) found that even a single session of Swedish massage has a positive influence on autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. A single, full-body, light efflurage massage has a short-term effect on the activity of our natural killer cells (or NK cells) (Bilhult A, et al 2009). These cells are part of our innate immune system and they provide rapid response against virus-infected cells or tumors. Massage therapy has different benefits for different ages, for example in preterm infants massage increases natural killer cells citotoxicity (Ang JY, et al 2012 ). This means that immune cells become more powerful.

Massage therapy has cumulative biological effects, consequently a course of massage therapy is much more effective for preventive reasons. In 2012, Dr Rappaport MH with his colleagues proved that repeated weekly massage potentiates the effect of the immune changes including changes in lymphocyte markers and cytokine expression. At the same time there is minimal effect on neuroendocrine function.

For this reason, in Clinique TM we always advise to our clients to take a course of massage therapy because it is more effective.

Massage therapy Longueuil

Massage therapy and stress

Massage therapy especially Swedish relaxation massage significantly decreases stress levels. The sympathetic nervous system is a part of our autonomic nervous system. The word “autonomic” means here that we cannot control it voluntarily. During stress the sympathetic nervous system increases adrenaline and cortisol level, changing our digestion and doing everything to prepare us to defend against “a threat”. For this reason we have not pleasant symptoms…

There is another part of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system which works against the sympathetic nervous system. One role of relaxing massage is to increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Massage can reduce stress effects in relatively healthy people as well in people who have chronic diseases. Hernandes-Reif M et al, in 2004 shoved that thrice-weekly massage therapy significantly reduces depressive moods, anxiety and anger, and enhances dopamine and serotonin hormone levels in women who have 1st and 2nd stage breast cancer.

In our clinic in Longueuil, clients report that they feel calmer and more relaxed immediately after a massage session.

To increase the massage effect of lowering stress we additionally use specific essential oils.

Sleep quality

Due to lowered stress, reduced stress hormones and the calming of the sympathetic nervous system, massage therapy can improve sleep patterns and quality (Field T, 2002).

Chronic fatigue

In 2017 Dr MacSween with his colleagues shoved that massage therapy can increase energy and consequently relieve symptoms of fatigue through releasing stress, promoting relaxation and relieving muscular aches and pains. Additionally, massage therapy has mentally stimulating effects.


Massage therapy, particularity lymphatic drainage, decreases pain in migraine attacks. Moreover, we can use massage therapy as a prophylactic tool to prevent migraine attacks or decrease their intensity (Happe S. et al., 2016).

Chronic pain

Massage therapy reduces chronic pain for different syndromes including such diseases and conditions as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis (Field T, 2014). Dr Genik LM in 2019 established that massage can reduce pain in severe conditions such as cancer in children who are receiving palliative care. Not only is the level of pain reduced, massage therapy can also increase tolerance to pain.

Back pain and joint pain

Dr Barreto DM and Batista MVA in 2017 scientifically demonstrated that massage therapy reduces lower-back pain. Improvement can be for chronic as well in sub-acute lower-back pain. Importantly, the pain can be reduced without any or with only very minor adverse effects (Furlan AD et al, 2015).

Hypertension (or high blood pressure)

Due to sympathetic inhibition, massage therapy decreases arterial pressure and heart rate (Bullhult A et al 2009). Furthermore, Dr Aourell M with his colleagues (2005) suggest that massage therapy can be used as a complementary therapy in patients with high blood pressure due to stress.


Absolute contraindications for massage therapy:

  • Intoxication (alcohol, drug etc);
  • High fever;
  • Infectious Skin Diseases and Conditions;
  • Infectious diseases with severe symptoms;
  • Shock, heart attack, or stroke or other life threatening conditions especially in acute phase;
  • Cancer of lymphatic system (physicians advice needed);
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer (physicians advice needed);
  • Severe vascular conditions or diseases (phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, deep venous thrombosis etc);
  • Hemorrhages or coagulation problems (physicians advice needed).

Relative contraindications:

  • Small benign viral, bacterial or fungus cutaneous lesions;
  • Stable phlebitis under medical observation;
  • Trauma in non acute phase (after fractures);
  • Conditions after a surgery (physicians advice needed);

Types of massage therapy in Longueuil

Swedish massage

This is the most widely recognized and commonly used technique in the world. It also called “Classic massage” or “General massage” but in Canada as well as in other English speaking countries it is called “Swedish massage”. Massage therapists uses five types of strokes (gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction and vibration). The technique can vary from one professional to other or from one massage school to other.

Relaxation massage

The main goal of the relaxing massage is to calm and relax the client. Usually, a massage therapist uses Swedish massage techniques but in a more gentle manner.

In Clinique TM we additionally use relaxing music and create an environment of maximal comfort for the client to derive the most benefit from the relaxing effect.

Lymphatic drainage

This is a special manual technique which can improve lymph flow in the body. Gently hand movements create an effect that moves the lymph from areas where is may have become stagnant and engorged. Lymph can collects in some areas due to different conditions and disease and it carries waste products, cells fragments, bacterial fragments, chemicals etc. Lymph draining helps to reduce edema, local pressure, pain and it helps with detoxification. This technique is often use in patients before or after surgery to reduce edema. As mentioned earlier, Dr Happe S (2016) found that lymph drainage can reduce migraine attacks.


Together with massage we use aromatherapy because it allows us to enhance of the effect of massage therapy (Komori T et al, 2018). For massage therapy in Longueuil in our clinic we use different essential aroma oils. We use these oils for inhalation during the seance of massage or use them locally. Using essential oils helps not only relaxation but also has wider effects. For example, as Dr Nasri A and Mahmodi MA stated in 2018, using lavender essential oil with massage therapy can improve patients with osteoarthritis or similar conditions.

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