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Emilia Kowalski – Naturotherapist in Longueuil

Undergraduate studies at Concordia University and McGill University (Biochemistry)

Graduate of DivineYu Usui Reiki at AnandaOm Academy

Graduate of Polarity/Craniosacral Associates of Montreal (Craniosacral Therapist)

Graduate of Happy Tree Yoga (Yin Yoga Specialist)

Graduate of Ancient Shamanic Practices – Andean Medicine Wheel (AnandaOm Academy)

Crystal Therapist (including Crystal Body massage and facial massage, hand and foot reflexology) – AnandaOm Academy

Continuing Education courses in Nutrition with AQTN

Member of Association Québécoise Des Thérapeutes Naturels

Emilia Kowalski, RGM, CST, AQTN had a premedical background in Biochemistry and she has extensive experience in Naturotherapies. She was planning to go to medical school as health was one of her passions and greatest understandings. However, she found that she couldn’t find all the answers taking this route.

There were questions that science didn’t have the answer to and thus Emilia found herself on a path that would answer those questions embracing spirituality with modern day science. She obtained the highest level of Reiki at AnandaOm Academy (Reiki Grandmaster), Emilia went on to further study the healing arts. She completed her training in Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Healing and Reflexology, Ancient Andean Healing Practices and Yoga.

Emilia worked in the field of Naturotherapy both as a practitioner and teacher since 2015, developing a strong desirable reputation with her work in the healing arts. Her teachers were Brana Gianchristofaro, M.Sc, RGM, and Andrea Axt, Ph.D, AQTN

Emilia is both qualified to practice as well as teach these healing methods. Her main focus is on Reiki. It has had a significant influence on her life. It helped to transform it by awakening the life force energy which is fundamental to well-being. Her Reiki training also built a bridge to understanding the invisible world which today science does not focus on as much as it should and as it holds the answers to many unexplained healing.

Emilia is eager to share this wonderful technique with you.She works with an approach that is specific to each individual and their needs.